The Leader in Retirement Services for Job Changers

Retirement Clearinghouse (RCH) is the leading specialist in retirement services for job changes, with best practices designed to improve outcomes for retirement plan sponsors, participants, and providers.

Improve Efficiency, Lower Costs, Increase Assets and Reduce Risk

RCH's programs improve plan efficiency, lower plan costs, increase plan assets and reduce fiduciary risk while providing participants with one-to-one, beginning-to-end assistance in the complex process of consolidating and managing their workplace retirement savings accounts.

Ease of Use

In keeping with its commitment to ease of use, RCH works with sponsor's existing recordkeepers and conforms to existing plan rules, requiring no major plan changes.


RCH has streamlined more than 28,000 sponsor plans, helped more than 1.5 million participants, reduced cashouts, and helped guide more than $22 billion in retirement savings. Its work with clients has been recognized for innovation by Pensions & Investments (a leading, international newspaper of money management) and the Defined Contribution Institutional Investment Association.

Dedicated, Expert Support for Sponsors and Participants

RCH's Client Services provides HCA with a single relationship manager and a dedicated support team that coordinates and documents all communications and required reporting.

RCH's Service Center provides all HCA 401(k) Plan participants, regardless of balance size, with access to professionals who provide multi-lingual, personalized assistance, explain options, and execute participant decisions by filling out and filing forms that can discourage participant follow-through.

RCH's experienced management team has a long record of thought leadership and innovation in the retirement savings industry.

One Individual, One Account

RCH, believing that a "one individual, one account" approach to workplace retirement saving is more effective and less costly for both sponsors and participants, promotes programs that enable portability of retirement savings from job to job, enhance ease of saving, eliminate the need for participants to hold multiple retirement accounts, and minimize cashouts.

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